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Ian’s Cards

Establishing and maintaining good relationships is important from both a personal and a business viewpoint. Many of us don’t spend the time we should on this important aspect of our lives.

Fortunately there is now a readily accessible and inexpensive tool to assist us in sending birthday or other greetings, thank you cards or cards for any other purpose.

No, I am not talking about e-cards. Open them on your computer, and you risk infecting it with a virus or other malware. I am referring to to quality printed cards that you can hold in your hands that you have received through the postal service.

As well as being able to send these cards directly from your computer, they are less expensive than the printed cards that you may get from the newsagent.

Placing the cards in envelopes, addressing and stamping the envelopes and sending them off to be posted is all done for you.

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